About Us

A Little Bit About Us

Chateau Le Pup is an all natural pet bakery and boutique. We pride ourselves on providing the healthiest treat and grooming options for your dog.  We have spent many hours researching dog nutrition and wellness, and have worked closely with veterinarians and professional groomers to develop healthy but delicious treats and safer grooming options.

All of our all natural dog treats are made from the highest quality, human grade ingredients.  Our products are hand kneaded, rolled, and cut to ensure a high quality product.  We buy local fruits and vegetables from small family owned farms as much as possible.  Our treats contain no preservatives, by-products, dyes, salts, or artificial sugars.  We make our own peanut butter, chicken broth, and beef broth, in order to ensure no dangerous ingredients, even in small quantities, make it into our treats.

Our boutique products are made from all natural ingredients, which can be found in most kitchens.  We use no dangerous chemicals that can dry out your dog’s skin and coat, or that can irritate the skin.  All our soaps, shampoos, and colognes are made with essential oils, all of which have healing, antiseptic, and/or soothing properties.


“I purchased a peanut butter bone from ya’ll at Atlantic Station. My dog LOVES it. Would like to buy more….Great Product…”

- Andy, Loganville, GA


“We bought a lolipup from you this afternoon for our dog. His normally cannot tolerate any kind of treats, but he wolfed the lolipup down, licked his lips, and was totally content. I waited and waited and waited for the normal aftermath, but, to our happy surprise, nothing happened.  Thanks!”

- Sheri, Fayetteville,GA


“I met you at the Snellville Farmers’ Market yesterday and bought dog treats for my dog Pepper, and he LOVED them. We shared some with a friend and her dog loved them too!”

- Nancy, Norcross, GA


“ I was in Alpharetta this weekend and bought some of your dog treats. My boxer, Layla loved them!! Just wanted to share. Thanks!”

- Megan, Monroe, GA


“My boys loved the chicken dog treats!!”

- Heather, GA


“I just wanted to thank you for the precious basket of goodies you gave to Boo and Caroline at Caroline’s Wish parade! Your goodies are so cute and our dogs loved them. Thank you for your kindness”

- Heidi, Duluth, GA


“[Our Dogs] loved the turkey jerky! Would like 5 more”

- Jim, Conyers, GA